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On the following pages you will find a listing of available resources in order to publish your poems, poetry or complete poetry books.

Outskirts Press Book Publishing – Outskirts Press provides self publishing-on-demand, POD, and book distribution services for writers. This service is provided for a fee of course. There are several publishing packages available, but you need to check this out yourself to see if this is something you are interested in. Can be used both professionally or if you are simply interested in writing a book for your family or other small groups.

Poetry Contest and Poems – This is a poetry Contest site that offers you the opportunity to publish your own poetry books, for just under $600.00 you can order 50 copies of your very own poetry book. This might be what some people are looking for, and they do make it easy for you to submit your own poetry book and get it printed through a step by step online submission guide.

Public Poetry – A print on demand service where you can submit poetry and get published.

Poetry Publishing Introduction at Utmost Christian Writers – Poetry publishing opportunities are offered here, but as the name implies the poetry needs to be of a Christian nature.

Writer’s Relief, Inc. – A site that provides services for people and writers looking to get published. It deals in all genres including short stories, children’s stories and poetry. Worth checking out if you intend to become a serious writer.

Free Poetry Publishing Advice – Vivid – the poetry of Erin Noteboom – Some good honest basic advice on poetry publishing here. Worth checking out especially if you are new to the field.

How to publish your poetry – some advice – Here you can find some advice and links on how to publish poetry, what you can get for it and what type of money is available in the poetry market.

Book Publishing News – Various articles and resources giving some insight on how to publish poetry or books, but not a publishing site.

Poetry Publishing on the Cheap: Chapbooks | Writer’s Resource Center – Not a poetry book publishing site, but a lot of resources on how to publish and what to do in order to become publish your works.

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