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www.jmwPublishing.com – You can submit your poems here for a poetry contest that this site hosts. This is a free poetry contest and they also allow you to send in your poems by mail.

www.Writing.com – This is mainly a writers community but the do host links to poetry contests all over the place.

www.MoonTownCafe.com – This is another poetry website that does host a free poetry contests each month where you can win $25.00. However when submitting your poems you will be entering in a lot of personal details and marketing research data along with your poetic prose.

www.SlipStreamPress.org – This is a magazine that publishes poetry. Poems will have to be mailed in and the winner gets a copy of the magazine as a reward. There is also a yearly winner who will receive a $1000.00 reward along with 50 copies of a chapbook published and distributed by slipstream. An honest magazine for real poets and poetry lovers.

www.RiverofWords.org – A genuine poetry contest site, however you need to be between the ages of 5 and 19 or still be in school completing college, so this could work out for you if you are 45 and still a bit behind in class. Otherwise its a great site, but geared towards schools and students.

www.DancingPoetry.org – This site features a poetry contests, poems have to be submitted by mail. The entry fee for each poem is $ 5.00 or $ 10.00 for three poetry submissions. Winners will be invited to read their poems at the Dancing Poetry Festival.

www.LovePoemsandQuotes.com – You can submit poems here at their on-site poetry contest. However the poems must conform to a series of rules and guidelines, that will leave some poets artistic expression a little “cramped”.

www.sfpoetry.com – The Science Fiction Poetry Association hosts free poetry contests as well, prizes are yearly memberships and $80.00 cash.

www.pw.org – Poets and writers resources including an excellent list of poetry contests around America.

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