Poetry Contests

www.PoetryAmerica.com – This is where to go if you want to pay for publishing your own poetry book and order your own copies under the guise of a poetry contest. Their minimum order for your poetry book seems to be 50 copies at the price of $595.00. Well, if you really like your own poetry it might be worth it; or if you are writing a poetry album for your large family following, this is the place to go.

www.PoeticPower.com – A genuine site for young poets, categorized in classes, and geared towards students. This site is supported by teachers associations. You can enter the poetry contest for free.

WindPub.com – A small publishing site giving some advice on how to publish poetry and warning against fake contests sites.

www.TeenInk.com – A teen magazine where you can either publish poems, stories or other literary works as a teenager. It features monthly free poetry contests for teenagers.

www.WinningWriters.com – There are poetry contests here but there is an entry fee for entering your poems into the contest. Also mainly focuses on Christian Poems.

Poetry.About.com – As the name suggests this site is about poetry and gives information and links to poetry resources.

www.DreamQuestOne.com – This is another poetry contest site, there is however an entrance fee of $5.00 per poem.

www.WorldofPoets.com – A genuine poets site, which hosts poetry contests.

www.UtmostChristianWriters.com – You can enter poetry contests here, but as the name of the site implies they must be Christian Poems if you want to win. Also there is a $15.00 entree fee per Christian Poem.

www.NFSPS.com – The National Federation of State Poetry Societies, does host poetry contests. You can however not submit online, all manuscripts have to be mailed in. They appear however to be 100 percent trustworthy.

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