Poetry Workshops

After searching endlessly for poetry workshops on the web, and getting so many search results that led to nothing, I decided to put up a few pages with links that actually lead to poetry workshops. These links are not just a bunch of add driven pages that just put the term “poetry Workshop” on the page to draw traffic. You can find actual poetry workshops and classes here.


The Albany Poetry Workshop – An Interactive Poetry Forum.

Poetry Critical: Online Poetry Workshop – Poetry writing, rating, ranking, and critique (et cetera).

Community of Writers at Squaw Valley – A community of writers that hosts writing workshops of all kinds including poetry workshops.

International Reading Association – As the name implies this is a reading association promoting literacy. You can find all sorts of literary workshops here including poetry workshops.

Say Something Wonderful: Poetry Workshops – A blog about teaching, poetry, and teaching poetry, by the Project Director of the NEH Summer Seminar “Say Something Wonderful: Teaching the Pleasures of Poetry.”

Zeugma Poetry Workshop – An online community where you can post your poems. It is a poetry workshop in the sense that other users who create accounts can critique your poems should they wish to do so.

ilovepoetry.com – An actual poetry site with poetry related resources. You can find links here to poetry events and upcoming workshops.

Falmouth Poetry Group – News and events in the West Cornwall poetry scene along with poetry and articles by members of Falmouth Poetry Group. When there ar upcoming poetry workshops they list these under their poetry events section.

Magma Poetry 32 – Poetry in Practice Net Gains? – Magma is a poetry magazine based in Britain. They will announce poetry workshops whenever they occur in the local area.

Penny Harter’s Events – Information on upcoming readings, workshops, and other events featuring poets and authors Penny Harter and William J. Higginson.

Fellowships and Residencies –  A creative writing and poetry resource site, also featuring poetry classes and workshops.

The Comstock Review – Consultation – Oh my god! An actual helpful online site with free information and assistance for writing and publishing poetry. You can also find poetry reviews and actual poems here.