Publish Your Poetry With Us

Would you like to publish your poetry online and share it with others?

We currently operate three blogs, which accept submissions.  Between them, they get approximately 400-600 unique visitors per day, so this is a good opportunity for you to share your poetry and get exposure for your work, as well as to get feedback from others who do often leave comments.

You can also, of course, include links back to your own related blogs or websites. The full details on this can be found in the submission guidelines for each blog.

For more information, please visit the following sites:

Free Poems
Free Poems Submission Guidelines

Poems & Stories
Poems & Stories Submission Guidelines

In Loving Memory Poems
In Loving Memory Poems Submission Guidelines

Link Exchanges

If you have a website or blog in the fields of the arts, poetry, writing, or something which you consider related, I am open to link exchanges with any or all of the following blogs:

Poem Poem Poem
Free Poems
In Loving Memory Poems 

If I have already linked to your blog or website from one or more of the above, I would be very happy and appreciative if you would return the link or links.

If you link has not been added but you would like to propose a link exchange, by all means, please contact me.